Our story starts when we were 12 years old, I was a little ballerina, and he was a breakdancer. He didn’t notice me much, but I noticed everything about him. I would come home from dance, and write about him in my journal. Every time I passed him in the dance studio, I couldn’t help but smile. As I am writing this, I can feel the feeling that I felt when he would pass me in dance. Butterflies.

Months later he was taken out of dance because his grades weren’t good in school. 12 year old me was devastated. Although he didn’t notice me, nor know how much I liked him, seeing him pass me once a week in that studio was more than enough for me. I assumed I’d never see him again. I wrote in my journal how sad I was, and the little love fantasy I had slowly came to an end.

Years later at age 15, I had a bestfriend who ironically went to the same high school as him. I was told “there’s this hot kid named Francesco who goes to my school”. My immediate thought, “why does that name sound so familiar” … You could imagine it was history from there.

Here I am at age 24 telling our story to the world. To be transparent, I can’t believe how far we’ve come together. Through ups and downs, we still stand strong today. What I learned is, that’s what love is. No matter what, if it meant to be, no matter how hard it gets, you will always find your way back to each other.

Now that I told my favorite story in the world, I guess this is the part where we speak on his cancer. Francesco was diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer at the age of 17, which has metastasized into multiple tumors surrounding his lymph nodes, neck, liver, spinal cord and right hip. As a result he has endured numerous surgeries and radiation treatments and is currently on his second round of chemo.

Francesco and I were making content not too long ago, and I made a video saying how I am going to be wearing beanies with him so he does not feel as alone. Our supporters brought to our attention that they wanted us to drop some beanie merch, this way we can all stand together. That is what these beanies represent, unity and strength. They stand for hope. They were created to motivate not only our followers, but everyone around the world, to keep going. Cancer or not, we all have a cross to carry. We want to remind people that they are not alone. Francesco is one of the strongest people I know. I am so proud to be his girlfriend, and stand next to him as he fights through this. He deserves support, and that is what these beanies are about as well. I thank you again for standing with us, the support is not only so helpful, but truly inspiring to keep going.

With love,
Kaitlin Reagan